Five Key Areas



1.  Making the Right Choices

Your choices you make during these teenage years are so crucial.   Life changing decisions are being made.   Are you making the right choices?   Triumph Life teaches the importance of making the right choices during the volatile years.   Most our the youth in this country do not know how serious these choices are.

2. God

GOD HAS INVESTED IN YOU. HE EXPECTS A RETURN ON HIS INVESTMENT. In this segment, you’ll begin to understand how vitally important it is to ascertain and fine tune what God has put you on this earth to accomplish. This individual core concentrates on prayer, family, and finding your God-given talents. This will ultimately help you navigate your life — a GPS of sorts.


 3. Passion

OUR PASSIONS DEFINE US. Finding and pursuing your talents with which you have been blessed is critically important. Triumph Life points you in the right direction through a self analysis test which will ignite a firestorm of energy, enthusiasm and vivaciousness to accomplish your dreams and your life’s purpose.


  4. Mind

“THE MIND IS EVERYTHING. WHAT YOU THINK YOU BECOME.”  Our third core of the success model concerns the importance of the mind. It doesn’t matter what shoes you wear or how you dress, what matter is how you think. The power of the mind is so critically important and can make or break your life.


 5. Body

THE EUPHORIA OF HEALTHY BODY. The last cornerstone of the Triumph Life success model deals with the state of your physical body and what you put inside of it. This is essential for a vibrant and successful life. For those of you who feel you have already taken steps on the wrong path, there is a way off.

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