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~Each  of us has “free agency” to make our own decision and live with the consequences.  Hopefully, your mistakes or bad choices will not be of a kind that is life changing, but merely teaches you a lesson and not drastically change your life

~ What kind of life do you want?  A life full of happiness, pleasure, fun, brightness, being with family and friends accomplishing your dreams and passions?   Or a life of dreariness, sadness, darkness, disappointment or even to the point of a drastically wrong decision that ends someone else’s life or even your own?

~S-Solvable:  All problems have solutions.   Think about this for a moment. If you really believe this adage that all problems have solutions, you have to feel better, because no matter what you are facing you can know that there is
indeed a solution.

Problems, like elbows, everyone has them……don’t feel like you are being picked on.   It is important that you learn from your problems so you can make those critically important decisions.   Yes, it almost seems unfair that these choices you are making or about-to-make over the next important years are so critical and so life-lasting.

~Why is it so important in this life to be knowledgeable?  Knowledge is so powerful and give you so much leverage to accomplish big tasks ahead. Knowledge gives you an automatic ticket to speak in most given situations and have those around you listen intently to what you have to say.  In other words, knowledge gives you power to speak and do those important things in life.

~Sometimes, choices are easy to make; other times a bit more difficult.  With the knowledge you will learn in the Triumph Life Program, my prayer and hope is that before you make choices that could affect the rest of your life that you would stop and think what you learned in this Triumph Life Program.

~Please have a vibrant, fun, exciting life living your full potential of what God wants for you to accomplish.  You will be exhaustively satisfied and proud to have followed the right path.

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