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Triumph Life, So You Can Be Who You Were Meant to Be


Triumphlife is a¬†Christian based two hour work shop which helps teenagers make the right decisions through the difficult teenage years, In the workshop, we explore five key areas which are essential to a young teen’s success iimageThe Triumph Life Program is well worth the money and time investment for any teen for what they are about to face going these volatile years. It doesn’t matter where you are from, what ethnicity, socio-economic status, all teens are subject to needing a formula to stay away from traps that many fall into. Unfortunately, some never recover.

The Triumph Life program warns your young teen of these pending dangers and gives them a road map for catapulting ahead of others to a successful, vibrant life! ¬†Two hours of your teen’s time, could save you years heartache, tears, sadness, frustration and disappointment.

Founder, Douglas C. Taylor