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Real Life Stories

Real Life Stories
In memory of those who have died from addiction….


Every boy and girl should watch this video!


Joe, my nephew, had a profound impact upon the creation of Triumph Life.  His death helped me  to see how vitally important it is to give young boys and girls in the earlier years of growing up the motivation to make the right choices and to “be who they were meant to be.”

Joe was just like many of our youth.  He had a happy childhood, active in sports and other activities.  Below you will see many of his happier times with his family.

Joe was only 28 years old and was just trying to release his physical body from his addiction.  I can still see Joey’s father, James, kneeling down beside Joe’s casket – crying heavily and repeating over and over that he loved him so much and that he always would.  I believe his exact words were, “I love you son and I always will.”  He also said he was going to miss him and think of him every day the rest of his life.  This was a brutal day and I knew instantly that day was one of the saddest days of my life.  I was so grief stricken that I vowed that I would put together a workshop so as to get the message to as many youths as possible.  This has to stop happening to our youth.

Joe died at age 28 in Feb 2010.
Joe always had a smile and loved life.  We love you, Joe!

As a tribute to Joe and his family, we have provided a photo gallery’




These articles appeared in the Orange County Register in April & May 2012.   Please read to learn of this drug epidemic.

Part 1: Homicide investigation shines light on drug epidemic killing dozens of O.C.’s young and thousands nationwide.

Part 2: Rehab, jail, probation don’t prevent young adult’s death, mirrors many addicts’ paths.

Part 3: Night of partying leads to Joey Kennedy left on roadside, 9-1-1 call fails to save him.

Part 4: As epidemic grows worse, patterns suggest solutions.

Series sources

Sources for this series include interviews with Orange County Sheriff’s officials, the district attorney’s office, probation and fire department officials as well as with the manager of the doctor’s office where Joey Kennedy received his prescription, family members, drug experts and relatives of several of the people with Joey Kennedy in the hours before his body was found. Other sources include Centers for Disease Control reports, county court records, the 48-page homicide investigation report, 9-1-1 recordings, medical records and the coroner’s autopsy report.

If you have a loved one who has died from addiction and would like to add their name or share  their story in order to help change the lives of another who may be tempted,
please email it to:

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