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Triumph Life is a program to help teens and young adults figure out what they want to do with their lives. In the program we explore five key areas to help teenagers and young adults find the path to get their lives on track through these volatile years.  When young men and women follow the Triumph Life model for success, they have a better chance to stay steady and on-course through the difficult teenage years.

imageIn a sense this is a road-map, a blue-print you can follow. When you integrate the Four Core Model into your life,  you will find yourself calmer, goal driven, more confident and stronger to handle day-to-day challenges and tasks. Students report how happy they’ve become, and how much their quality of life has improved.

As a result of our program, students live everyday with purpose that drives them closer to their goals. Victory is realized daily as students follow their individual blueprint, which we formulate with them to achieve their life goals.

It is very exciting to see a child of God finally discover their God-given talent and use it to be a benefit to themselves and mankind.  What joy!

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