Event Schedule

Triumph Life is a very dynamic program, always changing to fit the needs of those we aim to help. Check out if there’s an event in your town. Learn more to find out what’s been going on lately. We hope to see your soon!

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What is Triumph Life?

Triumph Life is an ambitious program to help teens, just like you, to recognize the path that will be most beneficial. We direct you in the right direction, help you find your passion, and help you to experience what it feels like to lead a Triumphant Life.

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Real Life Stories

The Triumph Life Program is backed up with real life stories, pure tragic events that could’ve been avoided if the Triumph Life Program had its say. Learn more to read about them, and know just where the path you’re on may certainly lead to one day.

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I'm amazed. The Triumph Life program has really helped me.

Before the program, I didn't know where I was headed. My life was starting to spiral out of control. Then came along a friendly, funny guy by the name of Doug Taylor, who runs the Triumph Life program, and what do you know? I'm back on track, going to college, and lovin' life!